South Downs: Seaford and Cuckmere Haven

I went to stay in Sussex for the weekend and for a change hired a car. So I had a pleasant Saturday pottering around East Sussex by car going through a list of things I wanted to see and do, including a few short walks. The first of these was the see the Seven Sisters, first at Seaford, then a little further along near Cuckmere Haven.

I thought breakfast on the beach would be a nice way to start the day, and after a quick bit of research I found Frankie's Beach Cafe in Seaford. It was a grey, hazy sort of a day - weather which never really abated for the whole weekend - and consequently, despite being a Saturday in August, the pebble beach at Seaford was largely deserted. Frankie's is a tiny kiosk, with a few picnic tables next to it, where they make a thoroughly decent espresso and offer a selection of toasted sandwiches, served with a smile. 

Despite the slightly bleak outlook today it was a lovely spot to sit in for a while and take in the sea air. The palate was very muted, all browns and greys - almost sepia. I took a short video to try and capture the pleasing sense of calm created by the waves lapping against the shore.

This was my first time to visit the sea this year and it was thoroughly appreciated, regardless of the weather.

After consulting the map, I motored along to the outskirts of Seaford, and parked at South Hill Barn, which seemed like the most convenient point from which to start a short and lazy walk to see the Seven Sisters. 

Of course today's weather didn't really make for the best viewing conditions for this iconic natural spectacle, and meant I couldn't really see all seven, but I suppose the haze added a bit of atmosphere at least.

I only walked down as far as the Coastguard Cottages, which is generally considered the best vantage point for taking a photo of the Seven Sisters, and given today's weather I knew I wasn't going to be capturing any awe inspiring images. Fortunately I had seen the Seven Sisters before, on a day with glorious blue skies, so it wasn't a big disappointment to see them again today with far more subdued hues. It made for a nice late morning stroll regardless and set me up nicely for the next item on my itinerary - a quick visit to Rathfinny Estate.